Wow! Can you believe it’s almost been a year???

It’s almost been a year since I started the Paleo life style.  It’s been quite the journey – I tell you what! So my year long journey will come to an end on November 2, 2015. Since November of last year, I have been slowly, and when I mean slowly I mean very very slowly, losing weight. As of today I am down 21 pounds. Did you read that?! I am down 21 friggin pounds!! I’m just going to buy online for a little bit. Sorry. It’s just it was a very very long process and I am only two thirds of the way done. Anyways, I’m very excited with the positive results I’ve been experiencing.

anyway, well I guess I already said anyways. The other news is is that I got a brand spanking new digital camera! Now I can post delicious pictures of my gourmet Paleo meal and you won’t wonder if I live in a dungeon. Because yes my old camera was about 12 years old and my husbands phone was taking better digital pictures then my digital camera was. It was quite sad. But no it’s not sad, it’s actually really happy.  🙂

in closing I just wanted to touch base with you if you want mind coming to say hi. I just want to let you know I didn’t fall off the face of the planet but I’ll leave that excuse for a different pose. For now enjoy some of my brand spanking new photos from my brand spanking new camera. I think i’ll post a picture of my babies. Most of you will enjoy this. 🙂 Until later I’m going to finish drinking my delicious dry red wine and nibbling on my salted caramel chocolate!My babies DSC00007


The most delicious frozen fruit ever!

Today I bought the most in amazing frozen fruit popsicle I have ever tasted! Now let me tell you I do not really like frozen sweets, I really don’t like sweets at all. The most sugary thing that I enjoy on quite a regular basis is my delicious dry, very dry, red, red wine. So I do not often rave about anything sweet, and unless it is red wine, red wine, or dark chocolate with salted caramel pieces in it. Therefore, what I am about to write about is a very big, big, deal. Be prepared to be amazed!

Today I was shopping at Costco and you should know that the reason that I was shopping at Costco in the middle of the week, not on the weekends when normal housewives go shopping, is because of course I was trying to save a buck. Costco has this awesome sale going on on anything organic. Yes! I am very excited because now that I am eating Paleo I now have to eat pretty much everything organically.

Anyways, when I was getting about 2000 steps, and while I wandered aimlessly around, and around, Costco shopping grounds, I discovered all the items on the grocery list that were strategically circled with a thick sharpie marker on the catalog that the poor sales associate associate accosted me with as I was trying to run out the door one Saturday day ago. Now it is very dangerous to go to Costco on a Saturday, but I have pretty much mastered the ninja skills necessary to successfully sleuth around Costco, obtain the necessary list, and run out the door, before being run over by the hundred million billion other people who are at Costco on a Saturday afternoon.

Anyways as I was walking around the store multiple times trying to get extra steps and well chitchatting with my girlfriend, I discovered these frozen treats. These organic frozen treats have the most interesting name ever and it’s actually quite weird. “Froozer.” Not quite sure who came up with that but I don’t know how to feel about it, is it ingenious? Or is it a two-year-old vocabulary word a two year old says when they want something Nummi from mommy. I digress, because these Froozer treats are the most amazing thing and ever.

My husband and I are not huge fans of anything sweet, like I mentioned before, but we are definitely fans of this newly discovered snack. I say snack because a Froozer is composed of pretty much just organic fruit blended together in a delicious frozen smoothie treat. These frozen Sweetreats are only have 35 calories! Can you believe it a sweet treat that is less than 50 calories? Amazing!!

The other thing that is so amazing about this Treat is that 16 of that come in a box that is now currently on sale for $7.50. Deal!

Anyway, pictures speak 1000 words, so here’s a picture Of the amazing goodness. (See below)

I hope that you can find this wherever you live and if not one day get to experience it because it will change the way you think I need about fruit. That is another really good point though, if you can’t find the sweet treat I’m sure that you can make it in your own Paleo dessert homes. The only ingredients in this snack are ground up mango, grapes, Pineapple, and bananas. There is also a little bit of guar, which is a natural preservative.

I wish you the best of luck of seeking out this delicious snack and if not, experiencing the joy of cooking and guessing on your Paleo journey.

Sweetest of dreams! zzz


Spur of the Moment Paleo Indian Dinner… Sort of spur of the moment…

First of all when I say “Indian” food, today it means dot Indian and not feather Indian food.  I actually love both and live in an area where we have more feathers than dots.  Speaking of the continent India, I suddenly have this deep yearning to visit this place.  “The 100 Foot Journey,” “Slumdog Millionaire,” and “Eat. Pray. Love.” all have me dieing to visit India.  I especially want to visit after watching the “100 Foot Journey.”  That movie was as phenomenal as “Julia Julia”!  I love how they overemphasize the rich spices, food pairings, and color that Indian food brings to the table, especially the dinner table!  I also, got really hungry watching this film.  haha.

This week’s adventure started out with good intentions of working out and turned into a night of Freakshow, Cycle Buff Beauty, exotic spices with butter-slathered-chicken and of course, lots of laughter!

It all started on Tuesday about 5:10 p.m.  My friend was M.I.A. and of course I had to rescue her and drag her off to the elliptical and stretching.  Little did I know that instead, we sat around the table brainstorming leadership theories and how we could totally write communication textbooks that were 1) more engaging and 2) cut the crap and friggin got to the point, better than 3) any paid author could produce!  Theory quickly gave way to starvation and before we starting cutting up the table for dinner we sat around for another 10 minutes in a highly riveted and educational discussion of: “What do you want for dinner?” “I dunno, what do you want?” “I dunno, ummmmmm” “?” ….   Eventually Indian food was thrown eagerly into the hat and we quickly consulted our good friend, Google.  We came up with Paleo Buttered Chicken and it was definitely the best choice.

Fenugreek leaves

Baby Methi or Fenugreek Leaves

Of course we had to make a mad dash to Albertsons for very basic ingredients like Turmeric, Garam Masala,  and Fenugreek Leaves (which we didn’t find, because these ingredients are not basic, but rather exotic, wild, and powerful spices that every woman should have as a companion in their spice cabinet/lazy susan).  Just a quick FYI, sarcasm is dripping from my lips…..  Also, I still don’t think I understand what baby methi or fenugreek leaves actually are.  I need a chef friend or someone of Indian decent to explain it to me.  I am also fairly certain that it doesn’t grow in my neck of the woods.

Anyway, we may or may not have become thirsty at the grocery story and felt a strong necycle buff beautyed and compulsion to drive on over to the local and nearby winery.  We were delighted to sample various delicious, dry, and “earthy” reds.  Yes I love the earth AND I love earthy reds that are so dry that my husband refers to them as dirt-earthy wines.  I declare them delicious and the two we choose have super bad ass labels.  Wine #1 we had before and loved: Cycle Buff Beauty – a Shiraz & Malbec blend.  Wine #2 super bad ass label: Freakshow – a Cabernet and slight Petite Sirah blend.  Both are amazing and very interesting to look at.  It definitely makes the conversation go in a certain direction.

After we journeyed far and wine for Indian spices, Cilantro, organic chicken, and delicious red, red, wine (break into song!) we were ready to rock and roll.  Quickly we chopped up the chicken into cubes.  Th2012-Cycle-Buff-Beautye funny thing is this, it wasn’t quick.  Apparently Albertsons doesn’t have organic chicken without bones in it…… and apparently, my knife was dull…… So after a quick knife-sharpening session, I was able to slaughter enough chicken off the bone to create the masala.  I was able to painstakingly peel and chop to pieces the ginger (which you should always use a spoon to do), onions, and garlic.  Once I was sauteing the ginger, onions, garlic and about 4x the amount of butter…..  It made the most delicious smell a kitchen could hope for!  We did use a cast iron skillet for maximum awesomeness and higher iron count.  🙂  Additionally, we used butter instead of Ghee.  I am not a huge fan of Ghee and if it is grass-fed organic butter, it is okay for this Paleo-queen-bee!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now I am the queen of NOT following recipes, so of course I used a red pepper instead of green, coconut milk (full fat) for the coconut cream, and we garnished our masala with Greek Yogurt and Cilantro.  I encourage you to be adventurous and try new and daring ways of tweaking your meals.  You may find that they are indeed delicious and doable.

the Ripple

the Ripple

The end result was amazing food that just kept hopping over into my Ripple…..  😀
I hope you can enjoy it too!


Here’s the lowdown on linkage:

Paleo Butter Chicken
The Ripple
Cycle Buff Beauty

Masala with RED peppers

Masala with RED peppers

Mixing all the ingredients together

Mixing all the ingredients together

Final product (it's beautiful!)

Final product (it’s beautiful!)

Temptations, Doctors, and Victory! (Part 2)

Hot, Sweet, and Spicy Temptations.  That is what my lover brought to me, and I succumbed to it.  At work nevertheless…. Yes I ate Chinese fast food for lunch yesterday. (I had you going though!)  Yes, I ate gluten and soy, with very little vegetables, for lunch and then leftovers for dinner.  Although, I did add more raw purple cabbage, green onions, and a Paleo chicken breasts to make for a healthy supplementation.  I am actually surprised at how bad I did not feel.  Of course I felt a little bad, my gut was a wee bit off, but for the most part underwent no sufferings.  To make matters worse, instead of running on the elliptical or rock climbing, I went home and fed my other temptation, fiction novels.

I may or may not have read three entire novels (all of them 300+ pages) since Saturday.  Yes today is Thursday and I have read about 1,000 pages of delightful bliss, in my free time.  🙂  I may or may not be nerdy, but I just can’t help myself.  It’s like drinking one White Russia – it’s unheard of!  You always have to drink a double or at least a second one, because one just doesn’t do the world justice.  It’s a crime really.  Well many of you have your vices and mine, including wondrous and completing awe-inspiring acts of mouth-watering perfection in the kitchen, delicious and strong liquid substances, and devouring books for a snack.

All these temptations really distract me from doing useful work like reading books on Hashimoto’s and carefully crafting intricate queries for my Dr. at my appointment tomorrow.  Much to my chagrin, my Dr. is less than enthusiastic about healing me.  I am sure you have never ever felt belittled by a Dr. and dare I say, let the professional steamroll you with their beliefs that you are dramatizing your condition and completely lying about how crummy you feel.  No before I receive hate mail from doctors and PA’s, let me assure you that I have wonderful and quite healthy relationships with a number of such professionals in the field and especially one is near and dear to my heart.  Let me be blunt in saying, there are presumptuous and cantankerous intellectuals in every profession.  Now of course I would never verbalize this to my dear practitioner with a propensity to a passive aggressive demeanor, BUT I have a minimal amount of leniency towards such behavior.  Even if it is exhibited by my professional medical adviser that has been a part of my life for the better part of 16 years.

Wow I guess I should end rant here.

The fact of the matter is this: People who have been sick for a very long time, and didn’t know they were sick until the tests came back and you started realizing everything you did to cope, are moody.  The hormones are amplified when you experience a few “good days” and then suddenly realize a sliver of fraction of the titanic issue at hand.  I shouldn’t publicly take it out on my doctor, but when said doctor refuses to refer you to an endocrinologist for further examination of the hormonal aspect of the issue, or said doctor refuses to recommend a naturopath or a dietician or a plethora of other helpful recommendations, it tends to wear on a person’s patience and understanding.

I guess I should implore you to be your own best health advocate.  Many more, like millions, of women suffer from some sort of Thyroid dysfunction and never realize it.  It is a huge issue that is like an iceberg, those who have documented cases are only the tip of the population really suffering.  All this to say, I am really nervous for my dr. appointment tomorrow.

Will I have the courage to speak up and question the system?  Will I stand up for myself?  Will I assure the doctor to help me further investigate?  OR, will I fall to subduing my strong voice, because I am embarrassed or feel inadequate?   My doctor likes to think that thyroid medicine is the only way.  Levothyroxine and Liothyronine will not solve Hashimoto’s.  They can only possibly, maybe, help you feel better.  The way to “cure” yourself or at least put your disease into remission is to figure out why your body is angry with you, and pacify it to not attack itself.  Is it stress? Food irritations? Food allergies? Hormonal imbalance? I know that I need to actively figure out why and continue on the path to healing, but sometimes it really is easier said than done….

Temptations, Doctors, and Victory! (Part 1)

I am starting with the Victory part, because I want to life your spirits before I tell you about my temptation that I gave way to…..

Today is a few days over 3 months of my progression with Paleo. Today is also, about month 11 (or so) of knowing that I HATE Hashimoto’s. No one should ever have to deal with an auto-immune disease. It really sucks. Epic bouts of lethargy, mood swings that chop off people’s heads, inordinate weight gain, etc. etc. etc. That all does not bear well with me, nor really anyone else. Anyways, I have been pretty strict about following the Paleo diet, and that is really hard for me, because I love food! I love cooking new recipes, I enjoy tasting new dishes, and I do not mind the comradery of eating (and drinking) with others. This puts me in a sticky situation when I pretty much can’t eat ANY fast food and not much more than salads and a slab of meat at sit down restaurants. It really isn’t worth going out to eat – I could have so much more tasty and safe food at home for the same price of a sit down restaurant. The point that I have been trying to make for about seven sentences is this: I am at my halfway weight.

I am down about 16 pounds and have about 16 to go. Then I will officially be in a normal weight range for my very short height of 5’5”. Of course my BMI goal doesn’t take into account any fancy measurements, because all I can do is measure my height, weigh myself, and take tape measurements. I can’t really do all the fancy muscle weight versus fat, but hey, I do what I can. So technically I am overweight and I practically threw a party when I finally lost the 2+ pounds I needed to, to NOT be “obese.” I am super hopeful. IF I can lose 16 pounds in 3 months, then imagine what I can do in a year! I feel that my target goal is steadily coming closer into focus and is actually achievable! Have you ever felt like your goals were not attainable? Like no matter what you ate, how often you exercised, or what program you tried, that nothing ever gave results? Then my stories are for you!

Last summer I was running 10k up to 3 times a week, while exercising regularly 5x/week, actively taking an elixir of Isotonix vitamins, sleeping like a champion (12+ hours/day on weekends) eating way healthier foods like oatmeal, blueberries, avocadoes, flax, nuts, omega 3 eggs, etc. and actively trying to lower my cholesterol and lose weight. All I did was gain weight and increase my cholesterol, while still have all these negative side effects aforementioned. This is a small sliver of the frustration I felt. My husband has other colorful adjectives and nouns to describe my situation and me, but I will not enlighten you. Use your imagination…

At any rate, I mention all of this, because I want you to have hope. If you are fighting Hashimoto’s or any auto-immune disease like MS, Crohn’s or Rheumatoid Arthritis, then you can take steps to achieve victory! There is hope. If you want to try Paleo and win with your diet, there is hope. You can actually work a diet like Paleo and if it leads to a food intake lifestyle change, then you can see dramatic results in a short amount of time.

Some of you, or many of you, may have your doubts. I totally understand. Let me tell you what, I am not some 200+ pound beast. I achieved awesome results at a healthy rate and the most I ever lost was 5 pounds on Weight Watchers. Paleo works. Also, I happily may add that I still get to drink a small glass of wine almost every night, savor a few bites of dark chocolate, and I drink my motor fuel coffee with honey and coconut milk instead of with delicious Cinnabon or Coconut creamer…. I still can satiate my desires while eating super sensibly. There are two downfalls, but it is worth having my life back. 1) It does cost more money. For us, it is about $25 more per week. I figure it saves more money per year in medical bills and sick days, so it is worth the extra $100/month. 2) You have to cook. I love cooking so this doesn’t bother me one bit.

Well my lunch break is over, so I guess you will get “Temptations, Doctors, and Victory! (Part 2)” later on tonight….  🙂

Also, interesting article here. 

Day # 92 – oh Dairy Days!

Today is Superbowl Sunday and I know that we are grazing on Paleo, or not so Paleo snacks… Don’t kid yourself if you “only have a small bite,” or “it was just one…” YOU ARE A CHEATER!!! … Okay I don’t judge you. I also, am a cheater. (But I don’t cheat my way to get to the Superbowl like some teams, say New England, do). I am not bitter at all, but I call ‘em as I see ‘um and what I was today was a Paleo Purist Cheater, a.k.a. Part-time Paleo-r. Anywho, I digress.

Kerrygold has good news for you!  They make grass fed butter and Parmesan cheese that Part-Time Paleo people can have.

Kerrygold has good news for you! They make grass fed butter and Parmesan cheese that Part-Time Paleo people can have.

Today many of your snacks probably contain some sort of dairy, better yet, BUTTER! So after I have spent way too many hours on the internet, to actually admit that on the internet, I have discovered some very exciting news about dairy. I can have it!!! … Well I can have a very, very, tiny, itty-bitty, minuscule, minute, microscopic, faction of dairy.

Of course the cave men didn’t have butter, but perhaps the cavemen cousins a few hundred years later did? For any of my movie watchDSCN7498er or Disney fans, “The Croods” did have some very advanced inventions and butter very well could have been one of them. I am on another tangent, again.

The good news for those trying to make a life change and not “fall off the wagon” it is important to be strict or serious about your life change, but not too strict as to illicit a negative response or falling-off-the-wagon-syndrome. Therefore, for the Part-time Paleo people out there, you are allowed Organic Grass Fed Butter. As far as I know Kerrygold, Horizon, and Challenge Butter, all fall under such a classification. There is also Ghee, which is butter that has had heat and is now basically a remnant of butter with little to no lactose to bother your sensitivities. I tried Ghee and didn’t particularly like it. A lot of people love it, so I definitely recommend at least trying it out. I don’t use that much butter now anymore because I cook with organic coconut oil and EVOO, I don’t eat breads, and I don’t really bake. That pretty much eliminates your need for butter, save baked purple or sweet potatoes. It still is really nice to know that I can have butter if I want it, I just have to spend a few more bucks to get the kind that is worth it health wise.

Here’s the good news part 2: Kerrygold has Parmesan cheese that has aged more than 120 so butterGheetechnically it’s also lactose free. Once again I don’t really have a need for cheese since I shouldn’t have it, but I love putting some on my taco salad, baked sweet potatoes, and the occasional popped organic popcorn.

 All in all, just remember two main things: 1) really really try to obey the purist Paleo rules for at least 80% of the time and 2) when you cheat, try not to really cheat – e.g. use organic butter or ghee if you are having butter or use parmesan that has been aged 120+ days if you are having cheese.Horizon

 Otherwise, I am really sad the Eagles didn’t make the Superbowl. If you need any more proof that they should be there, please watch “The Silver Linings Playbook” and consult with: Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and/or Julia Stiles. BUT my choice for today is for the Seahawks to win!